Freight Charge Collections


consignor originates a freight shipment; the consignee receives it. Both can be responsible for payment of the carrier’s charges. Lots of legal issues can arise and there are many complicated terms in the contracts involved process. As a carrier or shipper, you must understand both the lingo and the federal and state laws; otherwise, you could stand to lose a lot of money.

Freight charge collection is one of the most challenging aspects of the transportation industry. Frequently, issues between the carrier and the shipper/consignor/consignee arise. Often brokers fail to pay carriers exposing the party responsible for payment to potential double liability. When you need professional assistance with freight payment issues, Miles L. Kavaller can help. He has provided legal representation, alternative dispute resolution services, and consultations to many in the industry. He understands both federal and California laws related to freight charge collections and he can help you sort through your situation and find a just solution.

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