Practice Areas

Transportation Law

Transportation law focuses on shippers, ocean and domestic freight forwarders, ocean and inland motor carriers, brokers, third party logistics providers and the like. Lawyers who deal with them understand how complex federal and state laws and regulations impact those in the transportation industry and are able to provide comprehensive representation.Read More

Freight Charge Collections

A consignor originates a freight shipment; the consignee receives it. Both can be responsible for payment of the carrier’s charges. Lots of legal issues can arise and there are many complicated terms in the contracts involved process. As a carrier or shipper, you must understand both the lingo and the federal and state laws; otherwise, you could stand to lose a lot of money.Read More

Cargo Claims

If you are a carrier, you have received claims for lost, damaged or delayed cargo. If you are a shipper you have submitted cargo claims for lost, damaged or cargo delayed in transit. Unfortunately, when cargo is lost, the outcome can be a drawn-out, bitter battle. Finding an attorney that is familiar with the transportation industry and who understands how shippers, carriers…Read More


Looking for guidance in the transportation law field? Need someone to advice you or your employers so things run smoothly and you avoid as many problems as possible? Miles Kavaller can help. With his many years of experience, Miles can assist with representation, as well as negotiating, analyzing, and drafting transportation contracts. He can advise on a variety of subjects…Read More