Transportation Law

Transportation law focuses on shippers, whether consignor or consignee, carriers, including, motor carriers, freight forwarders, rail carriers, water carriers and air carriers, brokers, 3PLs and 4 PLs. Anyone who provides legal representation in the industry must understand how complicated state and federal laws operate in order to provide comprehensive representation to clients.

Mr. Kavaller’s private practice, beginning in 1977, after 5 years with the Interstate Commerce Commission, is now primarily involved with both litigation of all types of cases involving transportation companies (commercial disputes, collections, labor/employment) and focusing of transportation disputes as well as the drafting of contracts between carriers and shippers, carriers and brokers and compliance with California’s AB 5 regarding the use of owner-operators in the trucking business.

Contracts are one of the most important factors in the shipping industry. There is not a single person in the industry that does not rely on contracts to govern their business relationships. This means contracts must be well-drafted and “cover all of the bases” to avoid any problems in the future. An experienced attorney familiar with transportation law is essential when it comes to creating air tight contracts. The better the contract, the less likely a dispute will use up your time and money down the road.

Federal and state regulatory issues including FMCSA enforcement cases and California Highway Patrol charges are also areas in which Mr. Kavaller practices, along with the occasional overweight ticket.

Transportation companies, just like any other business, have commercial issues with employees, vendors, customers, factors, lenders, etc. Mr. Kavaller handles those matters as well. There is little in the transportation industry that Kavaller has not seen or been involved with in his 50 + years of practice.

If you are interested in working with an attorney who understands the transportation industry and can help you create contracts that will work for you, Miles Kavaller can help. Miles has years of experience and is familiar with both federal and California shipping and transportation laws. If you would like to know more or you are ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation, contact Miles at 310-994-1385.