Freight Charge Collections

Freight charge collections is one of the most challenging aspects of the transportation industry.  Collection efforts can be between the consignee and receiver, the consignor and shipper, or the freight forward and broker.  When you have an issue, and you need professional assistance with freight claims issues, Miles Kavaller can help.

Freight refers to both carried goods and the charges for carrying those goods.  The sender is the consignor and the receiver is the consignee.  Under federal law, both the consignee and consignor have liability for the payment of rates to the carrier in interstate shipments.  A number of issues can arise as freight travels from one location to another and transfers from one owner to another.  There are a number of complicated terms involved in the process, and unless you understand both the lingo and the federal and state laws, you could stand to lose a lot of money.

If you have concerns about freight charge collections or you have questions you want answered by a professional in California, Miles Kavaller can help.  He has provided legal representation, alternative dispute resolution services, and consultations to many in the industry.  He understands both federal and California laws related to freight charge collections and he can help you sort through your situation and find a just solution

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