Cargo Claims

Have you lost cargo during an important shipment? Cargo travels throughout California and the United States every day and unfortunately, everyday freight is lost.  Insuring shipments is one of the best ways you have for keeping cargo safe, but it does not always go as planned.

Unfortunately, when insured cargo is lost, the outcome can be a drawn-out, bitter battle with the insurance provider.  What you claim to be the value of the shipment might not be what the insurance provider is willing to compensate.  Finding an attorney that is familiar with the transportation industry and who understands how cargo insurers operate can mean the difference between a frustrating loss and a pleasant recovery experience.

A California cargo claims attorney like Miles Kavaller will help you through the entire litigation process.  Miles will carefully review your insurance contract and ensure that you are compensated as you deserve.  You purchased cargo insurance for the sole purpose of protecting your premium and any failure to not honor that is unjust.  Miles will do whatever it takes to ensure you are protected and that nobody takes advantage of you.

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