Cargo Claims

As a motor carrier or forwarder has your company lost or damaged cargo during an important shipment fort a valued? As a shipper/consignor or consignee, has your cargo been lost or damaged during transit? Has there been a delay causing your company damages? Cargo travels throughout California and the United States every day and unfortunately, everyday freight is lost or damaged. Cargo liability for interstate shipments is subject to the Carmack Amendment, a federal law. Cargo liability for intrastate shipments is subject to state law.

Did your company as a carrier have cargo insurance coverage? Has the insurer denied the claim? As a shipper/consignor or consignee was your shipment insured? Has the insurance company denied the claim?

In his practice Mr. Kavaller defends carriers against whom cargo claims and lawsuits have been filed by shippers or subrogated insurers. He also represents shippers and subrogated insurers in their claims and lawsuits against carriers. Knowing both sides has its advantages.

A California cargo claims attorney like Miles Kavaller will help you through the entire claims and litigation process with the carrier as well as the insurer. Miles will do whatever it takes to ensure you are protected and that nobody takes advantage of you.

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