Looking for guidance in the transportation law field? Need someone to advise you so things run smoothly and you avoid as many problems as possible? Miles Kavaller can help.

With his 50+ years of experience, Miles can assist with representation, as well as negotiating, analyzing, and drafting transportation contracts including agreements between carriers and shippers, brokers and carriers bills of lading terms and conditions. He can advise on a variety of subjects in the transportation field and meet, any challenge your transportation company faces.

Hiring a consultant can save you time and money. It can turn difficult, complicated situations into something routine, and it can help you avoid legal trouble down the road. Whether you have been working in the transportation industry all your life or you are new and hoping to get off on the right foot, working with a professional consultant is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Miles has experience in both California state and federal courts. He understands the issues affecting transportation professionals and can help you avoid many of the most common problems. His work as a mediator and arbitrator has allowed him to consider issues from all angles, making him the ideal person to help you through any experience.

If you would like to know more or want to schedule a consultation, contact Miles Kavaller at 310-994-1385.